Spring is upon us

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Spring is upon us

Shondoro Oct 2105

4 October 2015: A heatwave is predicted for the Gauteng and Limpopo Provinces and we can already feel it! 36 ºC and getting worse up to Thursday!  Well, lets all hope and pray that this will end with a few wonderful mm of rain!  Although we really need the rain, the veld looks lovely and green and green grass and trees with beautiful flowers and new leaves are everywhere. We will keep you posted!


Macaya Belle Small leaved fluff-bush

Macaya bella and Small-leaved fluff-bush in bloom!  Just some of the many shrubs and trees that are displaying their beautiful colours!

12 September 2015


4 September

We had our first rains last night. All of us, including the animals I am sure were relieved for the water. We measured a full 18 mm of rain in one evening. There were a few flashes of lightning but no real storm. We will update you on the process.

The trees and shrubs are budding and new sweet green grass is sprouting everywhere. (Picture: Ochna pulchra (Lekkerbreek / Peeling plane in bloom))


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